• 1.Purpose of TRAJECTORIA

    TRAJECTORIA is an international online peer-reviewed journal situated at the intersection of anthropology, heritage studies, museum studies, and the arts. It is a platform for a multilateral exchange of ideas and information regarding the diversity of material culture as well as other forms of human mediation. The journal focuses on the entangled, multiple trajectories of artefacts, knowledge and actors through time and space within and beyond the museum. We particularly welcome contributions discussing anthropological practices, artistic challenges, and performances that transcend the norms.

  • 2.Eligibility for submissions

    Any scholar interested in discussions on anthropology, museum, heritage, and art can contribute to TRAJECTORIA as an author. Those who are considered appropriate by the Publications Committee (hereinafter, the “Committee”).

  • 3.Conditions for submissions

    • 1

      Articles must be previously unpublished and unreleased.

    • 2

      An article will be considered a double submission if another article with the same or highly similar content has been submitted to other publications, has already been published (including release on electronic media), or is to be published. Such an article will not be accepted. In case of a double submission, in principle, the article cannot be subject to screening. In case a double submission has been identified after publication, a withdrawal or penalties may be imposed.

    • 3

      The submitted articles shall follow the separately prescribed writing guidelines. Articles not conforming to the guidelines for composition will not be accepted.

    • 4

      We welcome audiovisual works, such as an ethnographic film, animation, and other different combinations of textual and the audiovisual contents (e.g., still/moving images, animation, illustrations, maps, and sound)
      These non-textual materials must be previously unpublished online or otherwise. They can be sent to us through transfer services for large files.

  • 4.Languages and typography

    Articles must be written in English. If the use of another language is essential, a request to that effect must be made to the Committee before submission. This principle shall also apply to manuscripts involving special characters and symbols.

  • 5.Number of words and length of films

    The word count of an article shall be no more than 5000 words. The audiovisual contents shall be no more than 180 minutes.

  • 6.Notice on citations

    When reprinting a figure, table, or photograph from other publications, the contributor must ask for permission from the author and publisher on their own responsibility.
    If permission from a person holding a copyright and publishing rights is necessary for citing a reference, or if the acquisition of publishing rights is necessary for publishing an illustration or a photograph, the contributor shall follow all the required procedures and bear the expenses.

  • 7.Documents to be provided with submission

    When submitting a manuscript, figures, tables, photographs, and film-links must be inserted in the text. The text must be checked by a native speaker individually before submission.

  • 8.Screening

    Screening shall be conducted with the help of examiners selected by the Committee in accordance with the separately prescribed peer-review guidelines. Based on the results, the Committee determines whether a manuscript is accepted or rejected, or whether it requires revision.
    Any accepted or rejected manuscripts, including figures, tables, and photographs, will not be returned.

  • 9.Objection

    • 1

      A contributor may object the decision made by the Committee regarding the submitted article, etc. The objection shall be submitted to the Committee and presented in writing with the name of the article, name of the author, and matters and reasons for the objection.
      An objection can be made within one month from the date of the first notification of the decision made by the Committee. No objections will be reviewed after the deadline.

    • 2

      When an objection has been made, the Committee shall choose either to rescreen or reject the objection. In the case of rescreening, the Committee selects examiners for rescreening and conducts the screening again.

    • 3

      The Committee informs the determination and screening results to the contributor without delay.

    • 4

      An objection related to a single article, etc. can only be made once. An objection cannot be accepted against a determination result that is based on a prior objection.

  • 10.Revision by contributors

    With regard to a submitted article, the Committee may request the contributor to revise the manuscript in consideration with the time required by the Committee to publish it.

  • 11.Proofreading

    Proofreading shall be done only by the authors or their assistants, in principle. Proofreading work includes correcting not only the content but also the format in accordance with the submission and writing guidelines. Corrections, except for misprints, are not permitted, in principle, after the first proof subsequent to the acceptance. The second proof shall be conducted only to confirm the correction of the first proof. In the case of more than one author, authors shall proofread the manuscripts collectively.

  • 12.Copyrights

    The copyright of the submitted articles and audiovisual works belong to the authors of the articles. However, the Museum holds the right to create a database of the articles and audiovisual works. This database will be made available in the National Museum of Ethnology Digital Repository (Minpaku Repository). In that case, the Museum will clearly state the names of the authors of the articles and audiovisual works to be published. To delete any part of the work that is inappropriate to the public, a request to that effect must be made to the Committee at the time of submission.
    When reprinting the published article in other publications, a request must be made to the Committee in advance.

  • 13.Address for submission and contact

    The Publications Committee
    c/o National Museum of Ethnology
    10-1, Senri Expo Park, Suita City, Osaka, Japan 565-8511