National Museum of Ethnology, Japan "TRAJECTORIA"

Call for Articles
2020 Vol.1

Launching an Online Journal TRAJECTORIA

The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) was established in 1974 as an Inter-University Research Institute in the field of cultural anthropology and ethnology. It is equipped with museum facilities as well as post-graduate educational facilities. Around 60 members of the academic staff carry out field work in various parts of the world. Minpaku currently holds 345,000 artifacts in its collection, which makes it one of the largest collections of ethnographic materials that has been built since the late 20th century. As for the scale of the facilities, Minpaku is now the largest ethnographic museum in the world.
As an international hub of anthropology and museology, Minpaku has decided to launch an international online journal entitled TRAJECTORIA to promote exchange of ideas and discussions among anthropology, linguistics, musicology, museology, heritage studies and arts through multi-media information system. It welcomes non-textual forms of representation like ethnographic films as well as combinations of textual and non-textual presentations. We do hope that the journal may provide us with fresh insights into multi-sensory aspects of the world and generate new forms of knowledge concerning humanities.

Kenji Yoshida
Director-General of National Museum of Ethnology, Japan