National Museum of Ethnology, Japan "TRAJECTORIA"

Call for Articles
2021 Vol.2


At the busy juncture of Visual Anthropology, Museums and Art, where the paths of the editors-in-chief have crossed, TRAJECTORIA seeks to stretch the boundaries and expand the limitations of scholarship in visual practice and representation. We want to offer a creative and experimental place, where contributors can scrutinise current trends in anthropological research, critically explore both well-established ideas and innovative concepts, and enrich and develop a plethora of visual genres and praxes.
TRAJECTORIA strives to encourage collaborations and dialogues between researchers from a variety of disciplinary and practical perspectives in order for new connections and dynamic synergies to emerge. To allow for open discussions of current, pressing issues as well as external scrutiny of our goals and views, we have, from Volume 2 onwards, included a new section called "Carte Blanche". In this space a member from the editorial team is invited to freely and creatively reflect upon any topic, view or concept published in TRAJECTORIA.
TRAJECTORIA aims to raise the bar on quality of both content and form of visual research, which is reflected not only in the careful, close attention each contribution will receive through peer review, but also in the commitment of our editorial and design team to fine-tune the argument, style and lay-out of all submissions. We are very excited to have embarked on this journey and we are looking forward to seeing who our fellow travellers will be.

Itsushi Kawase
National Museum of Ethnology, Japan
Rossella Ragazzi
University Museum UMAK, The Arctic University of Norway
Inge Daniels
University of Oxford, UK
Shota Fukuoka
National Museum of Ethnology, Japan